swiftest ecommerce

complete solution tailored for your business


swift.shop is an open source eCommerce platform built with Dart programming language and other tools and technologies for modern web.


Your business is different than any other and swift.shop is built having this in mind.

Every little aspect of your application is fully custimizable to give your users best shopping experience.

Feature Rich

If you want to sell online, swift-shop is a complete service for you. You can download and host it on your own or use it as a SaaS platform without worrying about technicalities. Just set up your shop with us and start selling.

  • multishop architecture - single instance can host multiple different, modular applications
  • Progressive Web App - realiable fast and engaging user experience
  • multiple shop frontends and languages support
  • versioned and secure data editing
  • different payment methods and gateway integrations
  • custom configurable products
  • open source core


Considering that over 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices and search engines use page speed in page ranking, performance of your website is a big deal.

As the name suggest our platform was built with swiftness in mind and it really stands out among other solutions giving your buyers a blazing fast experience.

See Demo Shop

swift.shop demo is currently under construction to give a preview of all features.

Feel free to give it a performance test.

See Demo Shop »

Create Shop

swift.shop is in a closed beta stage now.

This feature is under development and will be available soon.